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What does a Wedding Planner Actually do?

This is a question I hear a lot... so what does a wedding planner do?

In America, it is very normal to hire a wedding planner when getting married. The question would be 'who is your wedding planner?', and if a couple choose not to have a planner, which is very rare, they will be asked 'how are you managing to plan everything'.

However, in the UK, we are the complete opposite, it is seen as 'fancy' if you have a wedding planner, and if a planner is booked, questions like 'why are you not planning it yourself' or 'oh no, I couldn't have someone planning my wedding, it's too personal' are received.

It is only fair that people have questions, after all, wedding planning is not a tangible thing that can be touched or kept. It is a service, it is an emotional connection and it is a memory.

Lets be honest, the only physical thing that results from a wedding is photographs, which is why it is so important to hire a photographer who's style you like and who you click with... but this is a whole other blog, this is a subject very close to my heart.

So, what is a wedding planner... a wedding planner is like a personal assistant for all things wedding. They have extensive industry experience, a black book full of the best professional contacts, they are a sounding board for all ideas, they are make it happen positive people, they are an agony aunt, but most importantly they are on your team. A wedding planner is there for the sole purpose of making sure their clients wedding day is perfect. They are your own personal cheerleader!

When choosing a wedding planner, the most important thing is that there is a connection between the planner and the couple, they need to get along as they will be spending a lot of time together. Everyone needs to feel comfortable around each other, able to voice their idea's, wishes and dreams, as well as concerns. The couple need to trust their planner, but of course that is gained during the initial consultations.

Now to the big question which inspired this blog, what does a wedding planner actually do...?

A wedding planner basically organizes everything, from the venue, to the flowers, the catering, to the entertainment, everything. It is a delicate relationship between the couple and their planner, with regular communication being key. A planner is there to take away the stress of booking suppliers, to bring ideas to the table after understanding their couples style and ideas, and to take the worry of 'is everyone where they are supposed to be' on the day away. Think of JLo in the Wedding Planner.... and if you haven't seen that movie, where have you been?!

Speaking of the day, the wedding planner will be there from dawn until the last guest has retired, ensuring that everything is where it supposed to be, everyone is where they are supposed to be and basically to make sure that their couple have the best, most perfect day.

Ultimately, wedding planning is stressful; a wedding planner is there to take the majority of that stress away.

Happy Planning!

Christine x

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